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Anonymous asked: Hi! First of all, I LOVE YOUR BLOG and I love to read your opinions on the show, so I wanted to ask you: what are your differences between Delena and Stelena? About everything, the angst scenes, the fluffy scenes, sex scenes, when they declare their love, etc :)


Oh, thanks…ummm…..Why don’t I break it down into essential categories? Okay…

1. Angst Scenes:

  • Stelena- Let’s see…there were some angsty scenes…one of the only ones that come to mind is when Elena left after they had sex and she found a picture of Katherine on Stefan’s table. How was it resolved or addressed….it really wasn’t, she left with Damon and Stefan got jealous, so he told her that he was the one that saved her when she was in the car crash…I will give him points for saving that precious piece of information until a convenient moment presented itself.
  • Delena- Their whole relationship is based on angst (long gazes, touches, Damon going to the extremes to keep her safe, Elena risking her life to save him)…it was so bad in season 5, people were begging them to get back together…and by people, I mean Stefan and Caroline. 

2. Fluffy Scenes:

  • Stelena- More like vomit inducing scenes full of ferris wheel rides and day hikes before a nightly sacrifice.
  • Delena- There are a lot of really cute little happy scenes with Damona and Elena, like when they made chili together in 3x04, or their road trips to New York, Atlanta or Chicago…more specifically the summer of their lives and their 5x1 make out sessions. One of the things I love about Delena is the natural report with each other, they are, and I hate to use a Twilight reference, but they are magnetic.

3. Sex Scenes:

  • Stelena- On screen, they legit had sex once in 1x10. Yes, we see them waking up together, or in the same bed, but actually doing the deed, was once. And that precious moment was literally done on a bed of lies.
  • Delena- Arguably the hottest moment on television was 4x7 and 4x8. It was like they had both been holding back for so long, that when they finally had sex, they were knocking over lamps and ripping each other’s clothing off…it was animalistic and beautiful all at the same time.

4. Declarations of Love:

  • Stelena- Laughable…seriously…Elena confessed her love to Stefan before she really knew him (in 10 episodes, which converts to 5 days in vampire diaries time) and the truths he was hiding…she gradually found out more and more about him as the season progressed. For example, finding out that he was a ripper or what he knew about her and her background. The question remains if they were ever really in love…I would argue no…because it is not possible to love someone you don’t truly know, and you don’t “fix” people you love.
  • Delena- Damon declared his love for Elena in 2x8, but because he didn’t want to be selfish with her and he felt like Stefan was the more deserving brother, he compelled her to forget. Elena declared her love for Damon in 4x10, it was sweet, cute and simple…she had to tell him right away, and even though he was at the lake house, she called him the second she was able to recognize that she did in fact love Damon. And right before Damon died, he was grateful just to be loved by her…their love for each other, tho only outwardly acknowledged in later on, has been there all along, because Damon and Elena’s relationship is built on pure honest love.

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I just realized that once again, Elena didn’t hear Damon’s beautiful and heart felt speech.

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